Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Very Last First Post

One of the lessons that is often repeated in the writing world is that a good beginning is worth all the excellent middles one can conjur up. Without the spark of interest that captures the mind from the very first, one generally never gets to the middle -- and thus never knows what the author is really capable of.

Me? I say that yes, beginnings are important, but at the end of the day, beginnings aren't the things that we remember. Most likely it's the moments somewhere in the middle, where unfamiliarity has warn away, and we discover things that surprise and excite us.

If I keep going, I will eventually talk myself out of writing this blog post altogether.

How about I do an About Me -- in bullet points!

  • I am sweet sixteen. Or sour sixteen. Personally, I prefer vanilla maple sixteen.
  • I am a passionate Christian.
  • I love to write. Fiction, nonfiction, and poetry all draw me.
  • Although I don't write poetry much anymore, poetry has heavily influenced my writing.
  • I am inspired by forests, waterfalls, rainy days, the moon, and starlight.
  • My favorite books include Jane Eyre, A Tale of Two Cities, and The Last Unicorn.
  • I fell in love with the original Sherlock Holmes.
  • One of my favorite authors is G.K. Chesterton.
  • I love thinking and writing about worldview.
  • I am homeschooled.

Those are the essentials. The rest... well, what would be a blog if I said everything in the first post?


  1. "it was the best of times, it was the worst of times."
    "Call me Ishmael"

    - two very famous opening lines of novels ;) but of course you know the first one, at least.

    I also fell in love with the original sherlock holmes - we've got a single volume book with reproductions of all the Sherlock Holmes stories and Novels as they first appeared in the Strand - they are so cool...

    evil secret: i have never ever read even a single book by GK chesterton, that i recall.

    but back to beginnings, as a journalist/creative nonfiction writer foremost, i think beginnings are very important, and endings too. Snag your reader, take him for a ride, and leave him with something meaningful to think about after he's done.
    But I've seen attempts at good beginnings that fell apart because there was no substance to the middle. and there's nothing more disappointing than a promising beginning that ended up being an empty promise. so... it's all important ;)

    Can't wait to read more posts - your blog looks awesome and btw, i absolutely love the name of your page!

  2. Speaking of dear Holmes, Cherise dear, I have stumbled upon his sister. Written by a modern author, I doubted the series would be any good but this lady grew up not only reading but memorizing his books. She has been able to capture him almost as well as Doyle, which is nearly impossible, and made it in every form believable that Holmes had a sister. And her style is very old fashioned. Maybe someday you might like to read them. I think you might enjoy them 8-D
    I owe you a letter. I have hardly have time to breathed but tomorrow I think I shall have some space so shall make a note to write it and send it. I miss you sooo much and once my series is done shall haunt our NaNo sites looking for you so we can have a lovely, long chat. Till then, my letter 8-D
    I hope all is well, dear sister.
    Yours always,

  3. Is it normal to be so besotted with your first novel that all discernment goes out the window and you are convinced that everyone else in the world will love it as much as you?
    After years of dreading being a writer for fear of writing a book I would hate to read, I have delighted myself with the thoughts and wit which seem to flow from my fingers, with very little contrivance from me.
    However should I keep this treasure to myself for fear of jeperdising it's chances of getting published someday? Or should I offer it up to be critiqued by friends who are too sweet and encouraging to give it an honest assessment?
    I like what you said about beginnings. Jane Austen is my heroine and she specialises in beginnings...and middles and endings.