Thursday, August 12, 2010

"I saw their souls rise up on the wings of a phoenix, and I cried, 'Let me follow!'..."

Before you read this blog post, you need to open up Onna’s musings on ‘writing what you know’ and Pip’s two-hundred-dollar response in a separate window. They covered the idea in such a thought-provoking and beautiful manner, showing where the idea was correct and where it was wildly misinterpreted.

I read what they said, and I remembered what I had forgotten. I had forgotten the passion of writing! I had forgotten what it felt like to pull a word from the depths of one’s very soul and throw it on the paper, leaving it to be admired or spat on. I had forgotten what it meant to be a mediator between What You Were Trying To Say and the blank page, finding the one language to great to comprehend, and the other woefully inadequate for a true translation. Of all the things for a writer to forget, to forget passion… that is a slow death.

It all makes sense now! All the hours spent wondering why I could make no progress on Evanescent Moonlight – how could I, when the very reason for progressing had become “word count, finish chapter, must finish …” That’s no way to write a novel about emotion. The joys and sorrows have to be your own. You can pretend, but no one will remember what you said afterward.

And here I am, on the brink of one of the most important scenes in the novel, and once again, God has given me the revelation I needed at the exact right moment.

I am off to write with passion.


  1. Through Pip's blog, I find your blogger. MWAHAHA, that, my dear Cherry, is why we do not leave comments on Pip's blog unless we wish Pip's MDS to stalk that person. Even if the MDS [me] knows two of the person's other blog-sites.

    That made no sense. But I have a good excuse.

    ...or not.

    Anyway! *grins* Is this your new blog, or just another to add to the pile of haunts?

    I shall have to read your blog later. For now I must go. Have fun writing! :-D

    Love and blessings,
    ~Laura/Hannah Grace/Whatever

  2. I have been found. *grin*
    So much time has passed since we last talked! How have you been? Still writing, I see. If it's what you needed at the moment, I'm glad you found those posts. I was doing it for fun, Onna and I are still co-conspirators and the subject came up. So glad it was a bit of help. I needed it as a reminder for myself as well; my current novel has been going slow and I'm at one of those crucial parts where it can't whisper, it has to roar, and to mess it up would kill me. Ah yes, to be a writer in the company of writers.
    Lovely blog! Hope we can exchange comments now and again; we've probably changed dramatically in the space in which I was little more than a cyber shadow.
    Good luck with your writing! Pour it onto the page; you won't regret it.
    God bless!