Friday, January 7, 2011

Absence makes the heart grow… well, nevermind.

There is one drawback to knowing some of your blog readership in real life:

You get reminders. 

“You haven’t posted on your blog.”

“You still haven’t posted on your blog.”

“I was going to comment on your blog, but I have moral objections to commenting on a post I already commented on…”  *hint hint*

You can’t run away from your blog and play dead with these people.  It just doesn’t work.  They know you’re still breathing and still have fingers that can type a new post.  (Yes, you know who you are.) 

It appears that after my last post (in which I lamented the fact that I’d abandoned the blog and promised to return soon), I, uh… *cough*… abandoned it again.  Part of that is because I went three weeks without internet access.  That really messes up your blogging schedule. 

You-Who-Know-Who-You-Are (one of them, anyway), just got a Blogspot blog, in which she has posted some of her gorgeous photography.  So please, click over to Pens and Cameras to have a look. 

A huge thank-you to everyone who posted a writing prompt in the comments of the last post!  The ideas helped to alleviate my dreadful lack of inspiration. 

Since I have run out of things to say, a dreadfully long blog post would be singularly inappropriate at this time, wouldn’t it? 

The End.