Sunday, October 10, 2010

Star Trek meets Monty Python

We interrupt our regular content for this blatantly geeky silliness. 

Stolen from med_cat on LJ.  :) 


  1. I read your post about procrastinating about writing and such, and I hand my hankie to you. I certainly know what it feels like to wake up and realize, whoops, I should have done a-b-c this month and didn't! But you're right, it's one thing to say we want to write, but it's a matter of getting soap up to your elbows in that dishwater. We can sulk and moan all we want about hating writing when the going gets hard, but I think that beneath the woes of the infamous Block and characters that do unexpected things, we like that feeling of having something to tackle, having that problem, being in that elite little group of people who think writing is actually a rough business. And then there are the days when things are going great and we love being a writer. But it's not enough to know all the "rules" or lack thereof, know the formulas or again, lack thereof. And there has to be a healthy amount of fear involved, the fear that one day we'll wake up and realize writing was just a childhood fancy, and we're working full time at Hedge Fund or something. ;-D So when those high flutin' writers say that the secret to becoming a writer is to write, they really mean it. And I think, personally, you'd get a lot more satisfaction out of actually sitting down and writing and savoring the process even though sometimes it hurts or takes play time away, that writing with honesty and sincerity and truly wanting to be a writer is much better than substitutions for the real thing.
    So! Keep writing. You'll make another goal and totally reach it.
    Have a great day and love,

  2. This makes me ridiculously happy. :)