Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Magika // Tuesday for the Muse

First, two things:

1) Yes, I know the name of the group sounds like the scariest rock band ever.  They're not a rock band.  And they're not scary.  

2) And yes, it sounds like the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack.  Doesn't mean it's not amazing.  Just have a listen, and enjoy the music for what it is.  Which is pure inspiration, in my opinion.

Many thanks to my friend Anna F. for sharing this with me on Facebook!

Most disappointing thing about this song?  It's not available for purchase.  Don't these people know I would so happily give them money?


  1. I like it!!!!!! I can imagine armies fighting, though I can always imagine armies fighting in most everything I listen to...

  2. you've been nominated for an award here! :D http://www.cupsandmuses.com/2012/06/quit-blaming-your-muse-listen-to-his.html