Saturday, November 20, 2010

Warning: Autobiographical Ramble, detailing (only without many details) what happened to the author since she abandoned her blog.

It has come to my attention that I have abandoned this blog. 

Of course, the fact that I have now made such a statement on this blog makes the above statement no longer valid.

At any rate, I apologize.

I declared in a previous post that I wasn't going to do NaNoWriMo.  Then I went through a brief phase in the last week of October where I decided that I was going to do it via the pantser approach.  When November actually hit, I did one day's worth of writing.  The story was going nowhere.  I quit. 


Since then, I've been off in La-la land (otherwise known as Trekkie land), enjoying myself in a sort of... well... insanely obsessed and preoccupied and completely unproductive way. 

Has it been good for me?  Probably not.  Sponging off of someone else's creativity is one of the best ways to make your creative mind start to rot.  

So right now, I am trying to drag my brain out of La-la land and find some nice, quiet place where it can learn to be creative again. 

A dear writing friend, when I told her I was in a rut, suggested that I try writing prompts.  I think that is an excellent idea, so if you feel so inclined, dear reader, please leave me a comment with a prompt off the top of your head.  It can be a one-word prompt, a random object, a situation... anything.  I only ask that it not be something inherently goofy, as I want to try writing something serious off of the prompts.  And thank you in advance.

On a final note, every Christian author should go read this post about the Christian imagination.  Powerful stuff, that. 


  1. Do a character sketch of the Nephilim (they're mentioned in Genesis and Joshua. I don't remember where exactly; you could search on

    Becca Fitzpatrick used the Nephilim in Hush, Hush, apparently, but I've never read it, sooo...

    I think all of us teen bloggers have had to abandon the web because of school at this point, so don't feel bad!

  2. Okay, my friend...this one is from my dad; he wrote up a bunch for us to work from:

    "He paused, listening intently and looking around; there seemed to be no escape. But then, off to his right..."

    Have fun! :-)


  3. What about someone who is utterly convinced he or she is someone they admired from history or literature. It could be freaky like someone who thinks their Hitler and tries to no perfection selection inside the asylum, or something silly like someone who thinks they are Frodo and tries to find a volcano after stealing his fiancee's ring or something. :-D

  4. What's one thing you wish you could do but haven't yet?

    (That's my writing prompt. :P )

  5. You should do my space pirates. 8-) I have a plot for it and everything but no one to take it.
    Prompts, A man who has to convince another the world is not flat.
    I shall come up with more if you like 8-D At the moment, however, detectives have claimed my brain so I must needs think before I can give more.
    Miss you terribly!!!!

  6. Meggy the stupid college kidDecember 1, 2010 at 10:13 PM

    I miss you!!! It's not that I never think about you, it's that I never get to call yoU!!!! >:'(

    Prompt: A couple is madly in love and about to get married when they find out she has an advanced cancer something and only has 3 years at most to live. Do they get married, practically speaking? From the guy's POV please ;)

  7. Sites like the following provide lots of inspiration and prompts :)